Why MTS?

Better Trainers, Better Profits

MTS wants to be your solution for your Personal Trainers development and success.  With our extensive resources in education, experience and knowledge, we will train and create outstanding trainers to service your members. We have learned that a successful training team is a team with great depth.  This service you deliver must be consistent throughout your team so that you are not relying on a few "top performers" to get the job done.

Does Your Team Have the Knowledge to:

MTS personal training

  • Understand how the body moves through the study of Functional Bio-mechanics.
  • Assessment techniques to enable you to design individualized programs.
  • Teach functionally-based exercises.
  • Have the skill base and experience to train diverse populations successfully.
  • Business skills necessary to sell personal training.

Small Investment Big Potential

"With a MTS-certified staff, my club can provide quality service that is a step above that which they can get anywhere else.  That's good for our members and it's good for business too."

-Joe Asch

Owner, River Valley Club